Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers wanted

Our mission in Pittsfield is working together through grassroot operations to preserve the values we hold important with honesty, pride and authenticity. The only way that we can carry out our mission is through volunteers. All members of this committee are volunteers and do not get paid including the executive committee. We cannot do this alone. That is why Volunteers are wanted. 

Pittsfield is split down the middle regarding conservative and liberal voters. Although we have open minds we must uphold the values that we hold important. . There are no set hours and you as an individual choose when and where you want to volunteer. If you cannot participate in an event or project that is okay. Without help we cannot elect Democrats or have our voices heard. 

Volunteering is not all about fundraising or making phone calls. There are a variety of tasks that can be done. As we have stated previously we cannot do this alone. As a group we have the power to make changes 

If volunteering is not an option there are other options for you to be able to get your voice heard in Pittsfield. We need individuals to participate in our municipal committee and also be part of the county committee.

We are not powerless and often we feel discouraged that the political system does not work. 


Types of Volunteering Opportunities but not limited to these examples

  • Working to Elect Democrats
    • Canvas Neighborhoods during election cycles
    • Make phone calls to un-enrolled voters and Democrats
    • Reach out to members in your own community and discuss the values that we hold important and to put to rest misinformation
    • Assist with handing out political signs and staff offices during the election cycle
    • Do various secretarial duties to assist other volunteers in Somerset County
  • Run for local offices within your municipality such as counselors and other town leadership roles
  • Run for State Office
  • Participate in Town, County and State events
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Join Leadership positions in county and municipal committees
  • Help people of Pittsfield Maine and Somerset County get out to vote
  • Write letters to the editor and politicians